Before booking your photo shoot, it is natural to have thousands of questions. If you do not find an answer to your question below, please contact us through the contact form.

When should I book my photoshoot?

Earlier is better. Stay tuned, vacation months and spring are busier than others, so there is a high demand for photoshoots. By booking in advance, you will secure your date and also have more time to discuss and prepare all details for your shooting. In addition, you’ll have ample time to search for ideas & inspirations and also think about props that can enhance your photo shoot. For photopackage, book at least two weeks in advance.

How should I book my photoshoot in Paris?

To book your photo shoot, simply send us a message through our contact form with the period you will be in Paris and the locations you would like to book.

Can I book a night photo shoot?

Yes, of course. Paris photos at night are amazing, as Paris at night is magical, and you should have a true souvenir of the “City of Lights”. You can pick the “Paris by Night” package.

How many places can I choose for photo session in Paris?

You can choose as many places as you want. For every hour, we cover a location in Paris. More sights, and more hours, will be needed. Check the packages here.

How will we move between the points during the photo shoot?

Displacements can be done on foot or through Uber/taxi when we change locations. The price can vary between 10-20€. For early morning 4H packages, displacements are included in my car.

Is displacement time included in photoshoots?

Yes. When a client books a 3H shooting from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. then the photographer will be only yours for three hours.

What is the best time to do my photoshoot in Paris?

Early, very early. From March to November, I start photoshoots at 7am, and from November to February at 8am. Early morning is the best time, as there is better light and less crowd. The photo shoots are performed in the morning or at the end of the day (60 minutes before sunset).

When will I receive my photos in Paris?

You will receive the gallery to pick your favorite photos within 24–48 hours after the shooting. Once you select your favorites, you will receive your final photo souvenirs in 3-5 business days.

How will I receive my photos in Paris?

The photos will be available in a virtual gallery, where you can view and download all the photos using your phone, tablet, or computer.

How many photos will I get?

During a photo shoot, I make dozens (sometimes hundreds) of photos. After analyzing all the photos, I will make a selection and all selected pictures will be available in a gallery where you will be able to select the photos of your package. Check the packages available and see the details per photo shoot.

Will you work on my photos in Photoshop?

All services we provide include two basic steps: editing and treatment. The edit corresponds to analyzing the photos one by one, to have a selection of photos that will undergo treatment. The treatment corresponds to perfecting the photos and improving the illumination, brightness, contrast, and temperature of the colors. During the treatment stage, the photographer may decide to remove minor imperfections and defects.

Image manipulation is not included in the services proposed. Under no circumstances, objects will be removed/added to the scenery. If you want some Photoshop to remove wrinkles or something related to skin retouching, I can make some magic, it will cost 7€ per photo.

Will my photos have the logo of Souvenirs Photos Paris?

No, the photos will be delivered without a logo. While holding the intellectual property of the photos, Souvenirs Photos Paris authorizes the use of the photos for strictly personal use. Any commercialization or dissemination of photos in printed or digital media (blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc.) requires credits for Souvenirs Photos Paris.

Will my photos be posted on your social networks/website?

Possibly. The photographer is free to decide to do the shooting without authorization for image use. Therefore, please mention before booking if you want to keep your photos private.

If I’m late on shooting day, can we finish later?

We establish a contract in which the photographer is booked for a certain time. Then, the photographer sends the itinerary for the client to arrive in advance. I know that getting up early is quite complicated and also Paris is a traffic-jam city, that’s why we need to take some precautions. If you are late and if the photographer is available, you can add extra time. In any case, send a message or call to let the photographer know that you’re late as soon as possible.

If it’s raining, can my shooting be rescheduled?

Paris is an unpredictable city, and rain on the day of shooting is also possible. What to do in this case? There are several options:

  • If detected before shooting day, we can change the time and/or day, depending on the availability of the photographer and the client.
  • We can carry out the photo shoot in protected and quite original places, such as the Bir Hakeim Bridge, and the arcades of the Louvre, among others. Check out some shootings held at these locations.
  • We can also perform the shooting with the aid of umbrellas, which will give originality and a special charm to your photo shoot. Check out shootings performed this way.

What is the policy for cancellation?

The deposit paid at the time of booking is refunded if the customer cancels 30 days prior to the photo shoot date. If the cancellation is made within a period of less than 30 days, the deposit will not be returned. Amount is retained to cover commercial costs and date blocking. In case of cancellation by the photographer, the deposit will be a full refund.

If I lose my photos, can I request a duplicate of the photos?

Yes, all photos will be stored on local servers for a period of 6 months. After this deadline, the client can request a duplicate of the photos, in which we will have expenses with the recovery of the photos in the cloud.