If you got here it’s because you still have a little space in your itinerary and in your budget to have wonderful photosession in Paris.

With a Paris photographer, you will see the city in a different way than the conventional one. No selfies, no cameras to photograph the sights. During the photowalk, you are the main character and Paris is just the scene of this great moment of your life and journey.

For at least two hours, in addition to exploring the incredible monuments of Paris, the beautiful gardens and the charming cafés, we will create a greater relationship of confidence which will make you more comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Being natural in front of camera takes time and you will clearly notice the difference in the photos. The photos will look more spontaneous when we are more comfortable with each other.

When do I opt for a PHOTOWALK?

No forced poses, grin, and tense. The shooting will flow smoothly, you will have fun and let go as we explore Paris together.

You have total flexibility to choose where to take your photos in Paris. But I will guide and show you the best of the chosen places.

I usually do photowalks in the morning and preferably at sunrise (during fall and winter). You will have Paris just for you!

Sunrise Photoshoot at Eiffel Tower with romantic lovely couple photos - paris photographer
Sunrise at Eiffel Tower with romantic lovely couple photos

Practical Information : Photowalk 2H

Duration / Length

The Photowalk 2H last 120 minutes.


Photowalk 2H is held, usually before 9am, but you can talk to the photographer to get started sooner or later. You can choose to perform your shooting in two parts : half day and half night for the same value. There is only a slight increase in the night rate. Contact us to know more details.


Photowalk 2H is held at two sights and we also explore the surroundings of these points. The displacement time is included within the shooting time. I advise nearby points to enjoy better and have a higher yield of photos.

Exchange of clothes

Public toilets are sometimes closed. So I advise putting top and a shorts under the clothes to facilitate changing your clothes. We can also stop at a Parisian cafe for photos and do an exchange of clothes.

Unlimited photos

There is no limit, except the photos with closed eyes and with strange movements, you will receive all good photos of the shooting! I do not charge for extra photo!

I guarantee a minimum of 60 photos for the Photowalk 2H. The maximum can go beyond 80 photos.

Be sure to check the most complete shootings : 3H ou 4H.
Elopement Wedding : intimate ceremony in Paris.

     Have a shooting for our honeymoon was one of my best choices ever! We hired Beks who took amazing photos! We have received unlimited compliments on our photos and how perfect they are. She worked with us and gave us all the spots we wanted and went above and beyond to get the perfect shots. Not to mention how kind and fun she was. The shooting worth every penny and more!

Elena & Matthew, California.

Why choose a Photowalk 2H ?

With longer shootings, the client exchanges more ideas with the photographer and begins to lose all the shyness, feeling well in front of the camera. The shooting gains originality and variety of locations!

With the Photowalk 2H, we can explore two points of the city and its surroundings. A great way to get to know Paris through the accurate look of a paris photographer, and get to know more about French culture and discovering new spots.

Payment super affordable and your shooting will worth every penny. Contact us for more details.

The previews will be send within 12 hours via email or whatsapp.

The delivery of the final photos in a maximum of 5 working days through a virtual gallery.

most asked questions

What timetable for the Photowalk 2H ?

The Photowalk 2H is performed from 8am. But it is possible to do it sooner or later, so contact us.

Can I change before I start the shooting ?

I recommend that the customer should already dressed in the clothes that will be used in the shooting . This avoids delays and setbacks.

Which clothes should I wear on the day of my shooting in Paris?

Impress yourself, wear your best outfit. The one that makes you feel good and happy!

Clothing is an item that must be previously thought out and be harmonic to the other participants in the photo shoot. Once the shooting is booked, we will talk about the clothes that make you feel good and beautiful. But do not forget to be yourself.

Where will we meet?

For the photowalk, we will meet directly at the tourist point. Once the photowalk is booked, I will send an email with a map to the meeting point. There is no mistake.

What can I bring on the day of my shooting in Paris ?

Bring a comfortable pair of shoes to make walk easier. Avoid bringing bags and luggage. In addition to making travel difficult, you will avoid headaches with the safety of your belongings.

To increase your shooting, you can bring some props. I do not recommend many items as they consume time of your shooting. For helium gas balloons and Parisian picnics contact «My Paris Experiences»



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